Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Hello, members of the TCDSB Family.

I am excited to announce that the Toronto Catholic District School Board has retained the services of Morneau Shepell to be our new Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provider for all employees and their immediate family members, effective today, Monday, December 18, 2017.  The new benefit is now available for immediate access.

Please note that a more formal launch with additional program details will follow in the New Year, with posters, pamphlets and other promotional information shared throughout January. I wish to acknowledge the work, research and collaborative professionalism of TCDSB senior leaders Betty Stavropoulos, Adrian Della Mora and Dan Koenig, and all of our Union and Association presidents.

Rory McGuckin

Director of Education

Toronto Catholic DSB

416-222-8282 ext 2296

Important Information Click Here

Keep watching your TCDSB email for final details about LTO List Interviews to be held in May. Remember you must have been employed as an OT for at least 10 full months and during that time have taught at least 20 days.

Sent on behalf of Adrian Della Mora, Superintendent of Human Resources …….

Good afternoon TCDSB Employee,

At the Board meeting held on August 25, 2016, the Board of Trustees approved a recommendation to revise policy H.M.14 – Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace.

In accordance with the new policy the Board committed to, “ensure that appropriate staff facilitate the implementation of this Policy by providing the training and resources for personnel to fulfil their responsibilities under this Policy”.  Since the revisions to the policy were passed, a training video was developed to ensure that the Board is in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements (Section 32.0.8 (a)) to provide, “information and instruction that is appropriate for the worker on the contents of the policy and program with respect to workplace harassment.”

Many of you have viewed the training video either at a scheduled staff meeting or viewed it individually.

For those who have not already completed this important task, you are reminded that all employees are required to acknowledge agreement to having viewed the video which can be accessed by logging onto the Board’s Intranet site.

Under the Resources menu, select Conflict Resolution followed by Workplace Harassment and Discrimination.  Alternatively you can navigate to:

Workplace harassment and discrimination requires immediate and ongoing attention. Left unaddressed, it can create a toxic and poisonous work environment for all.  Identifying and reporting workplace harassment requires every individual to take appropriate action within our Catholic community. By acknowledging that you have viewed this training video, we are able to monitor that this important communication is being received.

Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with the TCDSB H.M. 14 policy and guidelines.


With appreciation,

Adrian Della Mora

 Superintendent of Education

Human Resources & Employee Relations

Toronto Catholic District School Board

416-222-8282    Ext. 2304

Benefits Update:

Important Update regarding OTIP Benefits.

Please check your TCDSB email for the next step in enrolment. Follow the instructions carefully. This MUST be done by October 31, 2017.

Attention All Occasional Teachers 

If you qualified for benefits, under Article 14 of our current Collective Agreement and received confirmation of your enrolment please do the following:

• Access your TCDSB email and look for a message from OTIP dated September 15. This email is extremely IMPORTANT as it requests a reply about coverage and also explains the next steps in enrollment with OTIP. TOTL was not aware of the termination of coverage by the TCDSB and its carrier Great West Life until after the fact. TOTL will continue posting updates to both its website and Facebook page as soon as they become known to us.

TOTL understands the confusion, the frustration felt by all OTs affected as we too, your executive, were also caught unaware.
KEEP all RECEIPTS as the coverage will be retroactive to September 1, 2017 once the plan is in place.

SEMS: New Call Out Area Now Available

Please be advised that effective September 2016, the Human Resources Department has made some improved modifications to SmartFind Express offering new Call Out Areas. From the four existing Districts, Etobicoke, North York, Toronto and Scarborough, TCDSB will now be offering a total of eight Districts:
Etobicoke South
Etobicoke North
North York West
North York East
Toronto West
Toronto East
Scarborough South
Scarborough North
The Human Resources Department is pleased to announce that the new SmartFind Express Districts are now available. You are advised to update your SFX (SEMS) Preference Form, on line at your earliest convenience in order to select the new areas you wish to be called out by SFX (SEMS). Please log on to the ESS (Employee Self Service) website on the Board Portal and select “SEMS Preference Form”.
Note: If you do not update your SFX (SEMS) Preference Form, the areas you have previously selected i.e. Etobicoke, will continue to call you for all schools within the Etobicoke area, meaning all schools in Etobicoke South and Etobicoke North.
Enclosed please find a map identifying the schools by area. This should assist you in completing your Preference Form.
If you experience any difficulty, the SEMS Help Desk will be more than happy to assist you. They can be reached at 416-222-8282 ext. 5344.
Mary Frijio
Supervisor of Human Resources
Occasional Teachers, APSSP, SmartFind Express, Records Management
416-222-8282 ext. 2730
416-512-3044 – Fax



Hi All:

I hope you are well.  I have only had an opportunity to meet a few of you since joining the Board in September 2014.  As a result, let me take this opportunity to briefly introduce myself.  My role at the TCDSB includes providing Human Resources advice and support to the Academic Services side of the Board through a Sr. Manager of Academic Services.  I also have responsibility for the Recruitment section within the Human Resources department and I discharge this responsibility through a Sr. Manager of Recruitment.  It is within this capacity that I would like to provide you with an update regarding the manner in which the Board will grant interviews, now and into the foreseeable future, to occasional employees wishing to be placed on the long-term occasional teachers list.

As you may be aware, Regulation 274 (section 4) indicates that an occasional teacher may apply and be granted an interview for the List if they have been on the Board’s roster of occasional teachers for at least 10 months and have taught for at least 20 full days at one or more schools of the Board during a 10-month period within the last 5 years.  It is worth noting that a time frame within which an interview must be conducted, after the aforementioned conditions are met, is appropriately not specified by the Regulation and as such that time frame to conduct interviews is within the Board’s discretion.  After you have indicated to the Board that you wish to be placed on the occasional teachers list, the Human Resources department will communicate with you via your TCDSB e-mail account regarding your eligibility for an interview as well as any potentially scheduled interview dates.  As such, you are encouraged to monitor your e-mail account frequently.

That said, our objective is to interview occasional teachers who are eligible to be interviewed for the list as quickly as we operationally can and in a manner that meets our operational needs.  Some of the operational logistics and challenges that need to be managed include assigning interview panels consisting of at least 2 principals and finding appropriate space for interviews.  In addition, it is also worth mentioning that the resources at our disposal have been adversely impacted by the Board’s current financial reality.

In effect, the above information simply translates to the fact that though we strive to interview occasional teachers for the list as quickly as possible and in a manner that is consistent with the Board’s operational needs, we, in most cases, will no longer be able to do so immediately after you have met the 10-month 20-day condition.  We will continue to schedule interview dates as often as we can and this information will undoubtedly be shared with you via your TCDSB e-mail account.  In closing, the list plays a critical role in the Board’s ability to meet a number of its operational and strategic objectives, as such, we remain committed to maintaining a healthy list by interviewing and selecting occasional teachers for that list as often as we can.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.  Have a wonderful day and enjoy the summer.


Mark Moffett, M.A., CHRL

Sr. Coordinator, Academic Services – Human Resources

Toronto Catholic District School Board

Important News

Bill 122 is now the School Boards Collective Bargaining Act, 2014 as it received royal assent last week.  The full text of the Act can be found here

The latest occasional teacher roster is now available on the Board’s web site and on the TOTL web site.