OT Roster

Roster ( Please Note )

The latest updated OT Roster will only be posted on the TCDSB website.
TOTL will no longer publish the OT Roster on its website.


The latest OT Roster dated March 2017 is available on the TCDSB web site.  Please check for accuracy (date of hire, days worked, and ranking). Any concerns should be sent to Mary Frijio at the TCDSB for further clarification  and/or resolution.



• You must teach at least 20 days to remain on the Occasional Teachers Roster

• Make yourself unavailable on Smartfind if you are unable to accept assignments.

• Keep track of your days (acceptances, cancellations, declines etc)

• Do not decline more than 49 working days

Presently, TOTL is working with the TCDSB regarding the cautionary letters sent to several OTs to ensure these letters are rescinded and not put in teachers files.

 Memo #3 – Roster of Occasional Teachers – May 2014 

Interviews for the Long-Term Occasional Teachers’ List

The next round of interviews for the LTO list will be scheduled during the Summer.  Look for details on your Board’s e-mail for application and interview dates.

Memo #2-Roster of Occasional Teachers March 2014

Updated Roster –  March 7th, 2014