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So far, TOTBU has met with TCDSB on three occasions in the hope of achieving a new collective agreement concerning  local issues.  Two more dates are scheduled for January 25th and January 26th, 2016. So far, negotiations have been moving at a “snail’s pace”. Remember, even though the Central Agreement (MOS) was ratified last September, none of the articles come into effect until the local agreement is signed. We will keep posting general information to the membership as we move forward.

Message from the President

Dear Colleagues,

2016 is here and we are all getting older and wiser. For some, dreams have been realized, for others, disappointments have been experienced. Hopefully these events have spurred you onto firmer resolutions with built-in safeguards.

I am happy to say that officially I will be returning from sick leave shortly, and just in time to return to the fray. I extend heartfelt thanks for the well wishes of those OTs who were aware of my leave.

To the TOTL Executive I officially say thanks a million and to TECT and TSU, I also extend a gracious thank you.

This year will be a challenging one with the navigation through the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, a reworked Regulation 274, and other items and events which we will no doubt encounter throughout the year. 2016 will be an auspicious year and your patience and understanding is being solicited in advance.

I have the utmost confidence that we will all rise to meet every occasion and eventually reach positive resolutions. Rest assured that your executive will be there to get to the bottom of all impasses.

I welcome you back and wish you the best of 2016 health wise and professionally. Remember, you are professionals and deserve to be treated as such. I wish you all success.

Welcome Back




Minutes of Settlement ratified by OECTA Membership at almost 80%                

Local bargaining is the next step .


OECTA members, check the Members Only section of for details about the ratification process