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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015


MAY 21st, 2015


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Years of Experience / 97th Day Rule Step 1, Step 2 

There has been some confusion regarding grid movement, QUECO 5 updates, retro pay in LTO assignments.

Each year of experience is credited on the 97th day of teaching. 188 days equals one year teaching.These 188 days may be comprised of all LTOs taught and all daily OT work since January 1, 2013. Daily OT work before this date does not count for experience. That is why, sometimes your days worked , as mentioned on the roster, may not be the same as the days worked to calculate years of experience.

If QUECO 5 evaluation is submitted at the beginning of the assignment, then the OT will be placed in the proper category  A 3 or A 4. If not, the OT will be placed in A 1 until proper paper work is submitted.

If .QUECO 5 is upgraded during the LTO ,it will only be recognized on the 97th day for category change with no retro pay involved. If however the OT submits QUECO 5 before the 97th day and it is the first placement, retro pay should be given to the OT.

A change in daily rate from Step 1 to Step 2  becomes effective on the 97th of the school year.

Have you registered with OECTA and sent your personal email to them so that you may receive all E blasts regarding Collective Bargaining Updates ?

General Meeting

A Sincere Thank You to all OTs who attended our last General Meeting . The guest speaker was Mary Lachapelle from Provincial OECTA. Her topic  was ” Wellness ” She addressed such issues as mental health, stress in our lives, copying mechanisms and overall peacefulness The members in attendance were so involved that at times the silence was indeed deafening.Everyone left feeling quite upbeat. We have asked Mary to return next year to give another talk on “Wellness “.


The latest edition of the Occasional Teachers ‘  Roster will be available on the TCDSB website by mid March. Please check your information to ensure accuracy.

 LTO interviews

As per Memo 12 from the TCDSB interviews are being held for those who qualify March 12, 13 , 23, 24

Memo # 12 – Long Term Occasional Teachers List 2014 – 2015

See Who’s Running for College Council


Make your vote in the 2015 Council election an informed one. The following is a list of candidates for the 2015 College Council election. Voting takes place from March 2 until April 7, Learn more about the candidates by clicking on their names to see their blogs or by participating in the online forum. The opinions and viewpoints are those of the candidates and contributors to this site and have not been edited for accuracy. Candidate photos, biographical statements, attestations, and nominator information will be available on February 20, 2015 and will be published in the March 2015 issue of Professionally Speaking. Click Here To  See Who’s Running College of Teacher Candidates

Roster ( Please Note )

The latest updated OT Roster will only be posted on the TCDSB website.
TOTL will no longer publish the OT Roster on its website.

Memo # 11 – Long Term Occasional Teachers List 2014 – 2015

Discussions continue between the TCDSB and TOTL [ TOTBU ] regarding funds available for the planned professional development. At this time,as there is no money for our Planned Professional Development Days, all scheduled PD Days are cancelled [ Dec 4, Jan 23 and Feb 13.]

Please note that a grievance has been filed concerning this matter

With Regrets
P,D. Committee Cathy Horton, Eileen Smyth, Mary Matar

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